Why Us

A business like yours needs an IT solutions partner that takes the business as seriously as you do. We at AAISI believe in providing service that is beyond the ordinary. We deliver results and we deliver efficiency. The difference in the service provided by AAISI can be summed by what we can uniquely offer your business:

Diverse Service Menu, Skill Set and Continuous Learning

With AAISI provides a complete set of solutions from products and services that allows you to concentrate on your growing your business. At AAISI, we do not stop at just being experts in our field; we believe in continuous training and learning to ensure that our skill sets are advanced in the field of IT Infrastructure, Business Process, Simplification and IT Resource Management. We make sure to hire only the best. Our candidates are the best in field, trained and experienced in the Japanese way of doing business.

Unmatched, Unrivaled Experience and Track Record

We have almost two decades of experience in providing exceptional service in IT Solutions to some of the best companies in the business including top Japanese name brands like Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Kyocera, JICA, NYK Logistics and IBM.

Flexibility and Expertise Combined

We believe in providing exceptional services based on your needs. We respond and modify our available software customization package based on the requirements of your business. No matter how big or small your needs maybe—you will get the same level of expertise and commitment from us.

We are your partner.

Our communication lines are always open to all your queries and concerns. We guarantee a stable and reliable cooperation.